Economy commands

Command  Description
-profile (@user) View your economy information, also check out the web version here
-slots [[amount] / all] how do you even describe this?
-gamble [coins] Gamble and either win or lose
-daily Collect your daily amount of game coins
-convert [coins] Convert your well earned game coins into money
-beg Beg for money you lo*er :)
-give @user [coins / money] [amount] Give a user coins or money
-job Get yourself a job to earn some cash money
-work Work and earn that cash money
-mypet View your pets information
-pet adopt Adopt yourself a pet to play with :)
-pet name [name] Name your pet something beautiful
-leaderboard [coins / xp] View the leaderboard of either coins or xp. Also check it out here
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