General commands

Command  Description
-weather [city] Get the current weather info of a city
-imdb [movie / series] Get the info of a movie
-spotify [song] Get the info of a song, including a direct link to the song on spotify
-instagram [user] Get an instagram accounts infotmation, please read the terms of use
-ticket Create a support ticket to reach out to the staff and get help
-close Close your support ticket after you've gotten the help you needed
-vote Sends a link to the vote page on the different bot pages
-invite Sends an invite link for the bot
-botinfo Sends the bot info
-serverinfo Sends the server info of the server the message is written from
-userinfo (@user) Sends your userinfo or the user you mentioned
-help (command) Sends the info of the command or general info if a command isn't specified
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